Mentoring Program

The EDC Mentoring Program is one of EDC's most exciting programs. This volunteer program supports pre-service and professional educators with disabilities in advocating for themselves and their profession. It focuses on supporting and mentoring the pre-service educator with a disability and assisting with the transition of a student to a professional teacher. There is no charge to join or participate in this program.

Who is coordinating this program?
EDC board members oversee the EDC Mentoring. Questions and comments about the program may be directed to

Who may participate?
Students who have a disability (learning disability, physical disability, deaf and hard of hearing, etc.) and are in a teacher education program are eligible. Students are paired with a professional mentor with a similar disability, when possible. Novice teachers with disabilities or teachers with disabilities who wish to seek a mentor also may apply to this program.

Mentees will learn to:

  • Advocate for themselves at the university level, before they go through the hiring process for the classroom so their disability is not the primary concern.
  • Work with a mentor to help them though their classes, their internship, and the hiring process to become a teacher in a school system.
  • Address their accommodations before they walk into the classroom.

Application Process
Prospective mentors and mentees should complete the application and submit it to us at For directions to apply to be a mentor or mentee, download the application and follow the instructions for submission.
Download Recording sheets and directions.